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Parking Sensors

Why do I need Xvision?

Being able to reverse safely has nothing to do with being able a good or a bad driver. Often cars have frost on them or condensation, making good visibility impossible. Also, at night, visibility can be very poor. In addition to this, modern designs on new cars make it very difficult to gauge just how close you are to an object. Xvision makes it possible to judge the distance from any object down to a distance of 30cm, back or front (with front installation) Xvision makes it possible to park in the tightest of spaces with ease!

How does Xvision work?

Parking SensorsAs soon as you select reverse gear the sensors are powered up. There is no sound until an object comes within a range of 1.4 meters. At this point the unit emits a beeping sound. As the object gets closer the frequency of the beeps increase unit the object is 30cm away. At this point the tone is constant.

Tow brackets and Steps

Xvision can even take into account tow brackets or steps on cars or vans and allow for them.

Parking Sensors

What's the cost?

Reversing causes over 35% of accidents and the average cost of repair is £469. You can protect your investment and your no claim bonus for a fraction of that cost!


  • Colour coded - Special Offer Price   £249.00 (inc VAT)

  • Colour Coded with LED Display - Special Offer Price  £289.00 (inc VAT)

FRONT ONLY SENSORS (for those vehicles already fitted with rear sensors)

  • Colour Coded - Special Offer Price  £299.00 (inc VAT)

  • Colour Coded with LED Display - Special Offer Price  £349.00  (inc VAT)


  •  Colour  Coded - Special Offer Price £499.00 (inc VAT)

  • Colour Coded with LED Display Special Offer Price £549.00 (inc VAT)

To qualify for this offer price please quote promotional code XV246 when booking in.


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